Common Questions

Search Party’s online recruitment platform empowers employers to quickly find great candidates for any professional role. Use our technology to find recruiter-represented candidates and connect with recruiters who will screen and interview suitable candidates for you. Search Party lets you manage your entire hiring process online making it easy and efficient from start to end.

Once you post your open role onto the platform, you’ll have access to a global pool of recruiter-represented candidates. Create a shortlist of candidate profiles with the right skills and experience to suit your needs. Share your job brief with recruiters so they can screen and suggest perfect matches for the role. Organise interviews and communicate with recruiters directly through the platform making the hiring process quick and easy.

Unlike traditional recruitment agencies or job boards, we bring recruiter-screened candidates to you. You pick what sorts of people you want to interview instead of waiting for inbound applications. You propose what fee you’re willing to pay for the perfect hire and you remain in control of the recruitment process. The result? Hiring that perfect employee in a few weeks not months, without sacrificing quality.

You set the recruitment fee you’re willing to pay recruiters upfront, when you add your job brief. The fee can either be a fixed-fee or a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary. You’re able to browse, shortlist and interview as many candidates as you like without paying anything. You only pay once you’ve actually hired someone.

Our candidate database is global so you can hire someone in any country. We’re especially strong in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US.

You can hire someone for any job through Search Party. Because our 1500+ recruiters specialize in a variety of industries and job types, we can confidently fill even the toughest of roles, such as hard-to-hire tech roles like engineers, UX/UI designers and data scientists. With their expertise on tap, you’ll find the right person every time, guaranteed.

Search Party provides employers access to pre-qualified candidates who have been screened by a recruitment professional. With job boards, you have to wait on inbound applications from potential candidates who see your job ad, sift through resumes and then go through rounds of interviews to get to your shortlist. With Search Party, you built your shortlist from profiles you like and then engage recruiters to move the hiring process forward.

Search Party provides employers access to pre-qualified candidates who have been screened by a recruitment professional. Rather than finding potential candidates on LinkedIn, then trying to contact them and screening them yourself, Search Party uses recruiters and detailed candidate data to get the job done.

Search Party platform allows you to communicate with recruiters freely so you’ll have every opportunity to share what you need. We also encourage employers to create a page on JobAdvisor, our free employer branding tool. It’s a great way to provide insights into your company culture, so directing recruiters to your JobAdvisor page can be an effective way to communicate your culture.

Search Party is not a job board so your job brief will not be seen publicly. If you request to see a specific candidate’s profile, the recruiter will then receive your job description and your proposed recruitment fee. They can share this with the candidates who may be appropriate for your needs.

Placement fees are due within 14 days of their acceptance date, or within 24 hours of their start date— whichever is later. For further details please refer to our terms & conditions or contact one of our friendly team members.