Your Candidates

Your relationships. Your data. You’re in control.

How employers see your candidates

Profiles are kept anonymous

Employers looking to hire will see an anonymised view of your candidates. Once they send you a job brief, and you've screened appropriate candidates, you choose to reveal suitable profiles. In other words, you’re in control of who can – and who can’t – see your candidates’ full profiles.

Make use of your passive candidates

Employers will find your candidates based on their skills, experience and suitability for the role. They’ll even find those that have been dormant for a while. You receive the request, check if the candidate is available and suggest others for consideration. The more resumes you upload, the more chances you have for your candidates to turn up in employer searches.

Stay in touch – online

You can manage the entire process online, from scheduling interviews to keeping track of progress. Need more information about a role? Just send the employer a short message.

You always own your data

You worked hard to build your database of candidates and we respect that. When you upload CVs or resumes, you retain data ownership and choose how much information to show. We anonymise the profiles and make them discoverable to potential clients on your behalf. Your data remains yours and yours only.

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