Turn passive into active

Get every resume working for you

Showcase your candidates for employers

You know how it is. In the traditional recruitment model, you’re only making use of a handful of candidates at any one time, while other profiles just sit there, dormant. Our online recruitment marketplace leverages your passive pool and allows your candidates to be found by employers who are actively looking to recruit new staff.

1Leverage your passive base

Put your candidates in front of prospective employers (anonymously!)

To begin, simply upload your candidate database. We anonymise all profiles, dedupe them, and make them discoverable to employers. No candidate details are shared until you've engaged an employer and propose a candidate for a role.

How your candidates are protected

2Receive requests from new clients

Review the brief and screen candidates

Once you receive a brief from an employer, accept the terms (if agreeable) and do what you do best - find the right person for the job. You should screen any specific candidates the employer requested as well as speak to others you think would be suitable for the role.

How your candidates are protected

3Reveal candidate profiles

You choose when to reveal candidates

You’re in control of who can see your candidates’ full profile. Once you've screened suitable candidates, reveal them to the employer. From there, the usual hiring process follows and the employer interviews any candidates they liked.

How your candidates are protected

4Make a placement, get paid

Make a placement, get paid

When you place a candidate, we’ll collect the fee for you in Canada and U.S., retain 20% and deposit the rest into your bank account. This is because a managed solution is only currently offered in Canada and U.S.

During our product refocus period, in countries outside Canada and U.S. you’ll invoice the client directly when you place a candidate.

How your candidates are protected

What you earn

Technical Sales Specialist

California, United States


Time to place33 Days

Your earnings$8,960

Senior Full Stack Developer

Sydney, Australia


Time to place15 Days

Your earnings$9,450

Accounts Senior

London, United Kingdom


Time to place24 Days

Your earnings£6,800

Project Engineer

Ontario, Canada


Time to place8 Days

Your earnings$9,960

Earning placement fees is fast with Search Party

Recruitment fees appropriate to the job

When employers add their job brief, they specify what fee they’re willing to pay. You can always negotiate, but we help guide employers to suggest fair fees. For example, expect a higher fee for specialist roles, while multiple hires for the same role may bring a lower amount.

Search Party’s fees

During our product refocus period, Search Party is free to use in any country that doesn’t offer a managed solution because you invoice the client directly.

Only Canada and U.S. offer account management services where we collect the fee you agreed with the employer, retain 20% and deposit the rest into your bank account.

When you get paid

The revenue from each placement is automatically deposited to your bank account. Half is paid out as soon as the candidate starts and the other half 30 days later. Your dashboard will track how much you've made on every placement.

Why Search Party employers are better for you

How long do you spend acquiring a client opportunity? And how long does it then take to find suitable candidates for the role? With Search Party, the whole process is fast and efficient, so you can focus on making the placement and not on finding new clients. Here’s how we compare to the traditional recruitment model:


Search Party

Traditional Recruitment

Work required to source leads

Work required to source leads

  • Upload your database
  • Hot leads come to you
  • Negotiate terms

Work required to source leads

  • Chase ads & make cold calls
  • Pitch meetings
  • Compete with others for business

Work required to make a placement

Work required to make a placement

  • Screen requested candidates
  • Our tech helps you suggest profiles
  • Manage everything online

Work required to make a placement

  • Place job ads to source candidates
  • Sift through applications
  • Pitch candidates to employers

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