Tools to grow your recruitment business

Increase revenue. Maximise profits. Manage your business.

Build a profitable recruitment business with Search Party

When you list your candidates with Search Party, you get access to a range of smart tools to help you effectively manage your business and drive revenue.

Hot leads

All requests are from employers who actually want to hire someone from your database – ASAP.


Unlock value in your data. Search candidates by skills, see who's "ready to move," and find candidates "more like this."

Lead management

From initial request through to placement, you can manage the entire process online.

Manage your candidates

Unlimited profiles

Upload as many candidate CVs or resumes as you like. You can even add them in bulk with zip files.

Resume deduplication

We check each profile you add to make sure it's unique and remove any duplicates for you.

Resume parsing

When you upload new resumes, we automatically add in new experience to candidate profiles.

Lead history

Your communication history and notes are recorded so you can reference them at any time.

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