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A new way to connect with employers

You own your candidate data – always

The candidate data you upload is yours, always. We anonymise it so that employers can find it without compromising anyone’s rights: yours or your candidates’.

Candidate privacy

How Search Party earns its fees

During our product refocus period, Search Party is free to use in any country that doesn't offer a managed solution because you invoice the client directly.

Only Canada and U.S. offer account management services where we collect the fee you agreed with the employer, retain 20% and deposit the rest into your bank account.

Listing candidates on Search Party is 100% free

Every recruiter account includes:

  • Delivery of free qualified inbound leads
  • Unlimited resume / CV uploads
  • Unlimited monthly resume parsing
  • Recruiter tools and product updates
  • Support from local account managers
  • Insights from data science like “Ready to Move”
  • Guided candidate suggestions with “More Like This”
  • See all recruiter tools and features

Win-Win for Employers & Recruiters

“With Search Party, employers and recruiters can meet at an agreeable price point, time frame and commitment level, allowing both parties to derive value.”

Paul Lyons Founder
Heat Recruitment

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