People experts

Recruiters are at the heart of what we do

How we ensure recruiters meet your exacting standards


We thoroughly screen every recruiter before we allow them to publish candidates on our platform.


We train all our recruiters in best practices for working with employers through the Search Party online marketplace.

Updated data

We make it easy for recruiters to update their candidate data so that it’s always relevant for you.


We gather regular feedback and ratings from employers, and we monitor behaviour in our platform to ensure that our recruiters continue to meet both yours and our standards.

Rest assured: every candidate presented to you is qualified, ready for the interview and interested in the role.

What you’ll like about recruiters on Search Party

Recruiters you’ll connect to will:

  • Be experts in their industries
  • Proactively communicate and partner with you
  • Suggest suitable candidates for your job role
  • Always conduct themselves professionally

Recruiters we work with don’t:

  • Make unsolicited calls
  • Dictate the hiring process or pace
  • Pressure you to place a particular candidate
  • Act unprofessionally in any way

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