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1Add your job brief

Add a job brief to see matching candidate profiles

Start by adding your basic job requirements like your ‘must haves,’ skills required and location. Use our search engine to find candidate profiles you like. Shortlist any that look good and click “request” to connect to recruiters representing those candidates. Specify what fee you’re willing to pay for the role. Nothing is due until you actually hire someone. Learn more about pricing and payments.

2Recruiters screen & suggest

Using the profiles you liked, recruiters prep candidates for you

Recruiters use your job brief and profiles you requested to find suitable matches for the job role. They may send you some questions, suggest additional profiles and ask for feedback before presenting a handful of candidates they think are excellent. All communication happens through our platform so it’s hassle-free for you and the recruiters.

3Interview candidates

You only meet candidates that fit your job brief

You decide who to interview. By the time you meet a candidate, you can be sure they have the skills and experience you need, are ready for the interview and interested in the role. How? Because they’re presented by a professional recruiter. In fact, our candidates are so good, that most Search Party employers interview only a small handful of people before they find the one that fits.

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