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Sydney, Australia

Rackspace has very high hiring standards to meet its mission, which makes recruitment difficult. To address this, Rackspace has worked with several leading recruitment agencies over the years to scour the Australian employment market. All but two have failed to meet their needs and place great candidates.

The two recruitment agencies Rackspace work with know what it means to be a Racker and can place great people for Rackspace’s core business, however, both find it difficult to place candidates for other functions, such as accounting.

Compounding this, Rackspace has one very busy HR Manager responsible for everything from recruitment to internal communications to training, which means recruitment can often fall to the bottom of the pile.

A solution was needed to complement Rackspace’s existing recruitment processes that could also open up more candidates and specialist recruitment agencies. To gain access to a huge pool of specialist recruiters and candidates, while also managing the HR Manager’s busy schedule, Rackspace partnered with Search Party.

“Search Party was easy to use and gave us access to more recruitment agencies and candidates than I thought possible.”

Sam Cachia HR Business Partner


Search Party gave Rackspace access to millions of recruiter-vetted candidates through an easy-to-use online marketplace. The smart data behind Search Party empowered Rackspace to find the top candidates based on skills, many of whom were ‘passive’ candidates who were not actively looking for a new job. Sam explained, “Search Party was easy to use and gave us access to more recruitment agencies and candidates than I thought possible.”

Through Search Party, Rackspace found a new Racker – the first time they found anyone outside their two preferred agencies in years. Not only did Rackspace find a great new hire but they did so at a significantly reduced cost – a 10 per cent recruiter fee compared to their normal 15 per cent. Sam said, “It was simple, quick and also gave us a far better hiring fee than engaging recruitment agencies directly. Access to millions of candidates and hundreds of recruiters with only one terms of service? Made my life easy to find a perfect hire.”

The most important benefit was that Rackspace found a new Racker, who not only had fantastic skills but fit the culture and high-standards of Rackspace.

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